Socially Responsible Company

Fair Wages

On Average, Apollo Fintech subsidiaries pay 5 times the average local salary.


Apollo Fintech subsidiaries provide dental and health, in most cases, for their workers and their worker’s families. In every instance medical is covered in the case of a non-work related emergency.


Apollo Fintech makes great strides to assist its workers with their children’s education. Apollo Fintech is planning the construction of two schools in remote areas, so that their employee’s children have an education.


Apollo Fintech and subsidiaries provide food packages often to workers, to ensure that their family’s nutrition is adequately met. Workers receive 2-3 meals a day at work, free of charge.

Environmentally Friendly

Apollo Fintech goes to great lengths to replant areas where vegetation is disturbed. Dirt is always move back to fill any holes created, according to Emma standards, and Apollo Fintech mines use environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemicals to process gold. Apollo Fintech has made it a goal to help local gold miners access environmentally friendly agents, to replace the need for Cyanide and other dangerous chemicals.